Catalyst Communications is Breaking Ground at Utility Expo 2023

Catalyst Communications is looking forward to The Utility Expo 2023, the annual event that brings together the world of utilities and construction.

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We're looking forward to The Utility Expo 2023, the annual event that brings together the world of utilities and construction. This year holds a special significance for us, as we debut as Catalyst Communications Network. Make sure you stop by Booth #N532 and share in our excitement!

The Utility Expo is more than a convention or an event; it's a platform for transformative ideas within the utility and construction industries. This year, as Catalyst Communications Network, we take our first step into this dynamic arena, ready to engage in discussions that will shape industry trends.

Traditionally rooted utility practices are giving way to groundbreaking concepts and cutting-edge technologies. The industry is shifting due to the influence of factors like Infrastructure Law, sustainability goals, evolving regulations, and innovative advancements.

The Utility Expo promises many exciting experiences that we look forward to being a part of, including:

• New Products and Technology: The expo offers a sneak peek into the future with displays of the latest products and technological innovations. Attendees will witness the convergence of advanced machinery and state-of-the-art software solutions.

• Innovative Work Approaches: The event is a hub for fresh ideas in work approaches, emphasizing efficiency enhancement. In an era of automation and digitalization, the Utility Expo offers a platform to witness these transformative shifts.

• Navigating Lead Times and Pricing Dynamics: The expo empowers attendees with insights to navigate challenges smartly in an industry known for its shifting lead times and pricing dynamics. Expert perspectives on market trends provide professionals with essential tools for informed decision-making.

• Expert Market Insights: With thought leaders and industry experts coming together, the Utility Expo offers a treasure trove of insights into market trends and emerging opportunities. This valuable knowledge guides industry professionals toward a brighter future.

• Networking and Peer-to-Peer Education: One of the many reasons we’re excited to be here. Beyond being informative, the expo facilitates networking opportunities - engaging with peers, sharing experiences, and learning from one another.

Once again, we invite you to celebrate the progress in the utility industry with us. We plan to use the insights from this event in our publications and on our websites to meet the changing needs of utility professionals and construction experts in the next few months. By being actively involved, Catalyst aims to share valuable insights and learn from others, working together to create a brighter industry future.

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Anna Wondany

Anna Wondany (CMO at Catalyst Communications Network)