Catalyst Communications Network Hires Olga Dubinok to Spearhead Business Development

Olga Dubinok joins Catalyst Communications Network as a seasoned consultant, propelling business development in the construction sector.

Catalyst Communications Network Hires Olga Dubinok to Spearhead Business Development

Catalyst Communications Network (Catalyst) today announces the appointment of Olga Dubinok as a consultant specializing in business development within its construction group. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Dubinok brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in driving business growth and fostering valuable industry relationships.

In her new role, Dubinok will focus on expanding Catalyst’s presence within the construction industry, leveraging her extensive network to drive growth across the company's platforms, including Contractors Hot Line, Crane Hot Line and Lift & Access. Her primary focus will be to consult construction companies on their communication goals, identifying opportunities where Catalyst can bolster its efforts. Utilizing her extensive background, Dubinok is well-positioned to guide clients toward optimal marketing strategies and outcomes.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome Olga to the Catalyst team,” said Shae McBride, CEO of Catalyst Communications Network. “Her extensive knowledge and passion for the construction industry make her an invaluable addition to our organization, and we are confident that, with her guidance, she will elevate Catalyst’s presence and provide targeted support to companies within the industry.”

Previously, Dubinok served in key business development roles for prominent companies such as Zoomlion North America, The Crane Club, CraneTrader – a Sandhills Global company – and CraneNetwork. Her experience includes developing and executing marketing strategies, fostering client relationships and driving sales growth in the North American market. With her extensive knowledge, she is uniquely equipped to lead Catalyst’s expansion efforts.

As Dubinok directs her efforts toward Catalyst, she will concurrently provide business development and growth support for MYCRANE, the world’s first global platform for online crane rental. Additionally, she currently serves on the Educational Assistance Committee of Specialized Carriers & Rigging Foundation (SC&RF), a non-profit organization where she actively engages in supporting workforce development and providing educational assistance for qualified candidates.

"My passion fuels every step I take, infusing purpose into everything I do,” said Dubinok. “I’m looking forward to bringing my skills to Catalyst and providing new opportunities for clients. I’m confident that my industry talent, relationships, and strategic approach will be a valuable asset to the team, and I am eager to contribute to the company's growth and success."

Catalyst Communications Network acquired Heartland Communications Group in February 2023, forming a network dedicated to empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations within specialized markets. Through our comprehensive array of online and print materials, industry updates, access to historical and current data, and more, we connect stakeholders to vital resources essential for success.

With over 30 trade publications serving the agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors, our value proposition lies in reaching and influencing key stakeholders, achieving results through precision communication, and maximizing opportunities by addressing gaps and reaching target audiences.

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