Catalyst Communications Network Partners with Redi-Data to Offer Specialty Segments for Programmatic Marketing

Catalyst Communications Network announces a partnership with Redi-Data, Inc. to offer specialty segments in the construction, agriculture and industrial sectors on LiveRamp’s data connectivity platform.

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Fairfield, NJ (April 4, 2024) - Catalyst Communications Network, LLC, announced a partnership with Redi-Data, Inc. a leading provider of third-party audited healthcare professional (HCP) email and postal lists, data services, and direct marketing solutions, to offer specialty segments on LiveRamp’s data connectivity platform.

The segments include agriculture, construction, and industrial data and provide these critical markets with trusted and reliable information to reach target audiences accurately and effectively. Catalyst will also work with Redi-Data to curate custom segments to hyper-focus on specific audiences.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership and the opportunities it presents for growth,” said Shae McBride, CEO of Catalyst Communications Network. “Collaborating with Redi-Data to leverage LiveRamp’s programmatic capabilities and offering specialty segments in the sectors we serve aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing trusted and reliable information. This strategic alliance not only enhances our marketing services but also enables us to expand our business and service offerings, ultimately benefiting our clients by reaching target audiences with precision and maximum impact.”

Redi-Data’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Michael San Inocencio, added, “In addition to healthcare professional, consumer, and business lists, Redi-Data has been building its programmatic profile on LiveRamp by offering unique segments of the highest quality. Catalyst, with over 30 industry-specific publications, is another example of that effort.”

About Redi-Data
Redi-Data, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare professional, consumer, and business postal and email lists. Our recently released digital identity solution, Redi-Data Digital, enables marketers to reach healthcare audiences with precision and scale online. As an official database licensee of several leading professional associations, including the American Medical Association (AMA), Redi-Data provides the most trusted physician information to pharmaceutical brands and their agencies. Clients across various industries use Redi-Data’s high-quality lists, data services, and turn-key marketing solutions to reach their target audience with better data, resulting in better outcomes and affordability. Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Redi-Data has sales offices in Berlin, NJ, and Sunrise, FL. Visit to learn more. Better Data, Better Outcomes.

About Catalyst Communications Network, LLC
Catalyst Communications Network provides industry news, invaluable data, and customized services through 30+ trade publications for the agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors. Our mission is to enhance accessibility to industry products, services, and information, fostering communication and enabling our customers to drive efficiency, growth, sustainability, and economic resilience. Through our well-established network of resources, we support hardworking individuals and empower growth, innovation, and success to our critical industries.

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