Unlocking the Power of Data

We understand that managing data is both challenging and costly. At Catalyst Communications Network, we aim to help businesses succeed by transforming raw data into valuable insights, driving growth and efficiency.

Struggling with data management costs? Let Catalyst Communications Network turn your data into powerful insights for sustainable business growth.

In the dynamic worlds of agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors, efficiency and precision are crucial. Whether you’re a manufacturer, dealer, auctioneer, or user, every decision you make impacts your bottom line. But transforming raw data into actionable insights can be challenging, messy, and time-consuming.

At Catalyst Communications Network, we understand the challenges you face and the critical role data plays in driving success. With over 58 years of experience in the sectors we serve, we’ve cultivated an extensive network of industry stakeholders, enabling us to support your business and communication goals like never before.

The Challenges of Managing Data

Data is everywhere, and its management is crucial for business operations today. However, poorly managed and maintained data can lead to significant financial impacts. In fact, bad data costs U.S. companies a staggering amount annually due to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

The Hidden Costs of Dirty Data

According to a blog by Demandbase, operational inefficiencies caused by dirty data can be quantified in various ways. One popular method is the rule of 1-10-100, which highlights the escalating costs of data issues:

  • $1: Conducting due diligence to cleanly add and verify new records.
  • $10: Fixing a data record once it’s become inaccurate.
  • $100: Making business decisions based on inaccurate information.

Beyond these direct costs, operating with subpar or inaccurate data can lead to a variety of other issues:

  • Productivity Losses: Rework on activities informed by inaccurate data and inefficiencies during cross-collaboration due to contradicting data sources.
  • Uninformed Decision Making: Wasted money on misinformed priorities and poor investments based on bad data.
  • Poor Customer Experience: Negative experiences for customers due to inaccurate data, affecting delivery consistency, service quality, and trust.

How Catalyst Communications Network Can Help

At Catalyst, we believe in the power of your data and, more importantly, in keeping it yours. We are committed to data centralization and organization, ensuring that your information remains secure and confidential. Unlike other companies, we don’t share your data. Our goal is to help you harness its full potential without compromising your privacy.

Our Proven Data Management Process

We understand that data is often scattered across various systems, whether you’re in construction, agriculture, industrial or another sector. Even if your data is centralized, its accuracy can still be a concern. Here’s how Catalyst can help:

  • Data Centralization and Organization: We manage and analyze equipment specs, demographics, and behaviors to gather insights, build strategies, develop content, initiate activation, test performance, and optimize campaigns.
  • Data Cleaning and Maintenance: We ensure your data is accurate and up-to-date through rigorous cleaning and maintenance processes.
  • Intent Data and Signals: We focus on intent data and signals to enable more precise and sustainable targeting actions.

Leveraging Our Expertise

Our data experts, with a background in supporting major healthcare companies, bring their expertise to the agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors. We use advanced data segmentation, real-time data integration, and comprehensive reporting to provide actionable market and customer insights.

Our CEO, Shae McBride, envisions the role of data-driven media evolving significantly: "I see data-driven media moving beyond audience-first metrics to focus more precisely on business goals. The data being monitored will enable intent signals to become actionable real-time data."

Partner with Catalyst Communications Network

Data may be challenging, but with Catalyst by your side, it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your information. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any questions and provide the support you need to make your data work for you.

Effective marketing has become complicated, expensive, and difficult to measure. Small teams or single individuals managing a lot are spread thin. Limited opportunities with partners and vendors that provide transparent information and insights make it hard for marketers to make changes easily and quickly. At Catalyst, we provide a comprehensive solution to these challenges, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable growth.


Feel free to reach out to us and see how Catalyst Communications Network can transform your data management processes and help you achieve your business goals. Together, we can turn your data into a powerful asset for your organization.

Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt (Director of Marketing)